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Easter Memories 2016

Having numerous pet rabbits as a kid, Easter was always an especially fun holiday for my family. I remember my mom bringing our pet rabbits to my classroom for an Easter party in elementary school. They would just be staring at me like, “hey let me out of my cage, and don’t forget my treats.” I don’t remember any other kid getting to bring their pet to school, so it was pretty cool.

I always loved going to Easter egg hunts. My favorite one was called the Easter egg dive and it was held at the community pool in town. Plastic eggs covered the top of the pool and kids had to jump in and try to collect as many as they could, which was actually pretty difficult since the water would fill your plastic bag so easily. They had the best prizes. There was also a huge outdoor egg hunt held across the street from my house. Kids would be running like mad little trolls, knocking each other down, and crying if they didn’t get a lot of eggs. There was always a few eggs that would contain a special prize if you were lucky enough to pick it up. I was always suspicious of the gold colored eggs because those always looked like the winning eggs to me. For Easter Sunday we would have dinner at my aunt’s house. One year after an egg hunt I opened my eggs and some were filled with ants! Turns out I found some eggs that the kids next door didn’t find so they were out there for awhile.

As I got older naturally the egg hunts stopped, however, the goofy things that happen when my family gets together became that much more memorable with age. I remember one Easter I had finally gotten my braces off. I was now rocking a retainer. I took it out to eat our Easter meal and put it in a napkin next to my plate. After eating and walking away for a moment I went back to the table and my retainer was gone! My great aunt had accidently thrown it away! Luckily I found it still wrapped in the garbage bag. Another year my aunt had these really pretty decorative cookies in sight. They were leftover from a dog fundraiser she went to. Of course me being a jokester I seized the opportunity to play a joke on my brother. I told him he had to try the cookie because it was so delicious! He then proceeded to take a bite of the cookie! The look on his face was priceless.

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