Most Cherished Possession

Monica Martinez~7th period

Interview with my grandmother

I interviewed my grandmother, who is 71 years old,over her most cherished possession.

Q-What is your most cherished possession?

A-My husbands picture of when he was about 20 years old

Q-Why do you cherish this item?

A- I cherish this item so much because its a picture of my husband who past away a few years ago.

Q-how would you feel if you lost this item?

A- i would probably have depression because this is the only picture i have of him when he was young.

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My three most cherished possesions

if i had to leave home and i had the chance to only take three items with me i would take a picture of the wall where my siblings measured there height in for many years.I would also take a box that I've had since i was about 10 years old that contains many letters from friends and family.Lastly i would carry with me a picture of the time my family had just moved in our house.I would miss the memories we made in the house, along with the neighbors that we grew up with.