The Prophet of Yonwood

The third book in the City OF Ember series


Nikki- The main character going to Yonwood with her aunt.

Crystal- Nikki's aunt who is always too busy to pay attention.

Amanda- The girl in the closet.

Odis- The dog in the closet.

Brenda Beeson- the Prophets translator.

Althea Tower- The prophet.


Greenhaven, Nikki's grandfather's old house in Yonwood. With all of the war and terrorism in the world it seems to be the only safe place.
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What Is The World Going Through?

The world is under constant terrorist attacks and wars, there seems to be no escaping the fate of the whole world being destroyed. But in the little town of Yonwood there is a prophet, Althea tower who occasionally mumbles short phrases and "instructions" for Yonwood to follow. Brenda Beeson and a few others are the only ones who can understand what she is saying.

The Terrorist in the woods

There has been sightings of a terrorist in the woods and the town is on high alert doing everything the prophet says to do. There are daily reports on the news from the president about how everyone should sleep with their doors locked.

Nikki's quest to make the world a better place

One of Nikki's goals is to change the world or to make it a better place. She does this by meeting up with Brenda Beeson who tells her all of the things that are "evil" and whenever Nikki see's one of these things that she should come and tell Brenda. One day Nikki sees a boy feeding his snakes, she immediately goes to Brenda with the news.
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The Vibrating Wristband

Nikki realizes what she has done when she sees the boy with a vibrating wristband. It is an inescapable punishment that is a wristband that continuously vibrates. The boy is driven to insanity and runs to the woods Nikki is sure that now she will never meet her goal of falling in love because the only boy she met that was around her age has now retreated into the woods, with the terrorist.

What will happen to Nikki and the rest of the world?

Find Out When You Read The Prophet Of Yonwood By: Jeanne DuPrau