Friday, January 3rd

Weekly Reminders

  • We all had a nice short week! Everyone seemed relaxed and ready to be back at school! Since we had a short week, I was able to do some reading assessments with your child. Because of this I did not send books home. Please head to the Big Universe website this weekend!
  • Tuesday, January 7th is TIMBERTAIL DAY! Wear your Timbertail gear or colors!
  • We will be decorating our gingerbread people cookies on Friday, January 10th. If you received a highlighted note from me, please remember to send your items for decorating before or on that date. Thank you so much for your generosity :)
  • With the bitter cold temperatures this coming week, please make sure to send your child to school with the appropriate winter clothing. Even if we end up having indoor recess, he/she is still exposed to the cold before and after school. Thank you!
  • If your child has borrowed clothes/undergarments from the office, please make sure to wash and return them to school as soon as possible!
  • Your child will be coming home with a zip lock bag with a paper mitten and animals inside to go along with the book The Mitten by Jan Brett. We worked together to tell and solve subtraction story problems. Please encourage your child to practice at home. Another step further would be to practice writing the math sentence to go along with the story problem. Have fun!
  • Please continue to practice basic reading skills at home: sounds, sight words, blending (Ex: m-a-t says mat) and segmenting (Ex: cat says c-a-t). Please also encourage your child to write at home as well by stretching out the sounds they hear, using good spaces, ending with the appropriate punctuation mark, and writing sight words. Thank you for your support!

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

Can you lend a helping hand?

We are all out of hand sanitizer! Any donations of hand sanitizer medium to large bottles would be greatly appreciated!