Mesopotamia Project

by. Christian Robinson


They built temples for their gods out of adobe bricks. The temples were called Ziggurats. This gave the mesopotamians a place to worship their gods. Today we build churches to worship in.


They drew images of tokens on clay tablets. They used these tokens to trade for food and other goods. Today we use our own currency to buy food and other things that we need.


The mesopotamian water management evolved into irrigation dams, drains and basins, and personal bathrooms of their time's rich and famous. The floor in the bathroom sloped to the center of the room where the water drained off in small runnels by baked and glazed earthenware tiles. Today we have running water, and plumbing that goes into sewers.


They had many crops to grow. They grew many fruits, vegetables, grains, and other plants. This helped them so that they could have food to eat. Today we grow gardens, and plant in fields.

Board Games

The boards were usually stone or clay (in Egypt and ancient Israel they were wood or ivory). Some royalty may have played some of these. The games weren't just for the royalty crudely drawn boards were found.