Federal System!

How it Works

District Courts!

District Courts are federal courts where trials are held and law suits are begun. Within the District Courts there is an Original Jurisdiction which is the authority to hear the case for the first time. Most District Courts have at least two judges and hear both civil and criminal cases.

Courts of Appeals!

Courts of Appeals is the next level above district courts, which is where people who lose in district court often appeal to for a hearing by a panel of judges to listen to both sides of the argument from lawyers. Courts of Appeals then decided if whether the original trial was fair and the person's rights were properly protected- not to decide if whether the person is guilty or innocent. Courts of Appeals often times have 6 to 27 judges on board.
  • Court of Appeals use Appellate Jurisdiction which is the given authority to hear a case appealed from a lower court

Different outcome options:

Circuit: each of the 12 U.S courts of appeals covers a aparticular geographic area

U.S Attorney

A government lawyer who prosecutes people accused of breaking federal laws. They look into charges and present the evidence in court, as well as, represent the U.S in civil cases involving the government.

Life Terms: judges can only be removed through impeachment, there for presidents submit their nominations for the judge to senators from the nominee's state

U.S Marshals

Make arrests, collect fines, and take convicted people into prison. They protect jurors, keep order in the court, and serve subpoenas ordering people to appear in court.