Flagler Schools Digital Connection

November 12, 2015

Rubrics and Schoology

Would you like help grading subjective assignments in Schoology? Take time to set up a custom grading rubric in Schoology. Click here to view a video showing how to set up and share rubrics in Schoology. Rubrics can be set up to grade an assignment or a single question in a test.

Don't keep your rubric a secret! When creating assignments you are planning to use a rubric to assess, click the button to share the rubric with the students. You can even get the students more involved by having them self-assess their learning with the rubric. Unfortunately, this isn't available in Schoology yet. However, you can create a Google Form using scales to have the students fill out to self-assess their assignment before they turn it in. If you would like more help with this please contact your Digital Support Colleague.

Quicktime isn't Just a Video Player

The program Quicktime is so much more than just a video player. Quicktime is on your MacBook as well as student computers. Quicktime can be used to easily create audio and video recordings. It will also allow you to do a screen recording. A screen recording is when you record your entire screen or section of your computer screen. Try having your students use Quicktime to record and listen to themselves reading.