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Busy Days

YIKES! What a busy few days it has been at NPMLC. The kids are staying busy flying around the world traveling to different countries finding out how the holiday season is celebrated in other parts of the world.

You should have received your child's report card. If you have any questions regarding anything on the report card please feel free to contact us. Know that it is a work in progress and we are doing the best we can to align the report card and the Montessori philosophy.

Maria the elf has done a great job of watching over the kiddos this month. Recently Maria was a bit under the weather, the students were so compassionate they made a sweater for her in hopes that would help heal Maria so she could continue flying to the North Pole.

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Next Week

Please join us on Tuesday from 5:00-6:30 to tour the classroom and become educated on our Montessori classrooms and how to use some of the materials. We will have childcare available for any parents coming with small children.

If you have any questions about this night please let us know.

Montessori Material of the Week

December is the perfect month to introduce maps and flags to the Children’s House, if they have not already discovered them. Here at NPMLC, we actually started in October with the study of the whole world map, globes, and land forms.

During December we introduce the continent of Europe to the Children’s House. Maria Montessori realized in developing the “whole child” it is best to bring what is going on in their world, into the classroom. During December, many children have celebrations that originated from around the world; Christmas, Hannaukkah, Los Posadas, Gud Jul, etc…

From the globe, to the world map, to the continent of Europe, to the country of Norway (our Krasenkake that was at Breakfast Scram). The children can take out the maps, place them on control maps, color the continents and countries, or choose to punch out the continents and discover the shape. We learn about the countries traditions, their foods, people, clothings, etc…

We even went on a trip to France with the E1 classroom!! We bring the world into the classroom. We work at developing the “whole Child”!
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December Events

December 22nd @ 9:00 (Shhh...Santa is coming) Gingerbread Creations

December 23rd @ 1:00 Snowshoe Adventures (Weather permitting)

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Snack Next Week



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