The blue parrotfish

Did you know he is half parakeet half fish?

The blue parrotfish

The blue parrotfish live in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

He eats organisms found in the sand and algae scraped from rocks.

Blue fish have teeth in the throat which he grinds stones and sand produces them.

It produces 200 kg for year.

Before they go to sleep they cover the Amtzm saliva because they think that this animal is not Jericho them and notice them.

Description of the Blue parrotfish

Blue fish has a yellow spot on the head, but the whole blue.

They grow to sizes of approximately 30-75 inches in length, but can grow at least to 1.2 meters. Men are generally larger than the females.

Feeding humphead parrotfish - Blue Planet - BBC

The animal is unique

We think this animal unique because she lives where the color of her body and the sea match.

she has sharp teeth in the throat which is grinding the rocks and secretes them to sand.

Do you want this animal be your pet?

No, because this animal only eats rocks and an organism which is a problem because it is not accessible to all this. And it is also too large.

And she lived only in water and can not survive on land.