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Whats all about reading games?

Reading Games

Whats all about reading games? For those who don't know about reading games is you get a team to 4 to 8 people then you get a list of books and read as many as you can with your team. But if you need more information of what you do go to the then there will be a bird caring a book, press on that and thats how you can get more information.I am participating and we get together and tell what books we read.Are team name is catching books.Now lets win. Anyways, we have 5 teams and 35 participants in kingsley school. In the whole district 58 we have 75 teams and 450 participants. Wow! And that was all about reading games!

My top three favorite things about Kingsley

1. Kingsley library books are great to check out

2. Cool assemblies to learn from

3. Good teachers, they teach good now I know how to do math reading and all school things

Thank you!

thank you for your interest in my story