Digital Literacy

Why is it important?

What is Digital Literacy?

What is digital literacy ?

It is the knowledge, skills, and behaviors used in a broad range of digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, all of which are seen as network rather than computing devices

Skills to succeed?

Being digitally literate requires certain skills that every person needs in order to succeed in the digital world.

  • information, media, and technology skills
  • learning and innovation skills
  • life and career skills

What grades should be informed of digital literacy

What Uses Do We Have For It ?

We are starting to increasingly communicate through a variety of digital environments such as;

  • work places
  • social life
  • education

Digital literacy isn't just about learning to use technology, it is also about how one NAVIGATES and COMMUNICATES through different digital environments.

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This video explains why digital literacy is important how it can be beneficial in ones future of how necessary it really is.
Digital literacy and why it matters