Voyage Vikings Needed!

By: Dylan and Tyson 5th Hour

Columbus will sail the ocean blue in 1492

If you like Piña Coladas, or getting caught in the rain, if you want to explore and find a new world, then this voyage is the one for you. With a lower level full of bootlegged liquor we have enough to last years! Come Join me and my hearty crew today! This will be the adventure of a life time don't miss out!

The voyage

Sunday, March 20th 1492 at 8pm to Monday, March 20th 1493 at 10pm

North America

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa October 31st 1451. Columbus is a skilled captain that has been on three other successful voyages and hoping for a fourth. Christopher has been on many other voyages gaining knowledge and learned the different patterns of the sea. When riding with him you will have no worries.

The Map

This is a picture of where we will be going on our trip so you can see how far we will go and where we will end up.


For being on our ship you will not only get tobacco and Liquor, but you will get a cash payout of $10,000 Euros.