Fair Use Of Online Images

By: Liza Alexander and Nikki Copman

What is copyright?

Copyright is a form of protection. It is the information that representing whoever's image you have used. It keeps people's works safe and free from plagiarism.

Copyright Consequences

Copyright is taken very seriously. If you are caught not providing the proper copyright information, you could face some unappealing consequences for simply copy and pasting someone else's work. If it is your first time getting caught, you may be fined up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison.

Copyright Usage

It is very important to use your own words when publicizing any sort of work. However, if you wanted to use someone else's words in your task, it is mandatory that you site the copyright information. It is usually located in the bottom right or left corner of an image.

What is attribution?

Attribution is a concept that requires an author to be credited for their works if you "borrow" it.