Digital Citizenship

BY: Jacob A.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is being kind, responsible, and safe on the internet. There are 9 elements to this topic. There is Digital Access, Commerce, Communication, Literacy, Etiquette, Law, Rights and Responsibilities, Health and Wellness, and Security.

Digital Access

Digital Access is realizing not everybody has all the things you have. Computers, phones, anything! People need to be grateful instead of taking something for granted.

Digital Commerce

Digital commerce is when you buy or sell things off the internet. Think of Amazon, Ebay, or any other of those similar websites.

Digital Communication

Digital communication is when people talk to people from long or short distances. From something as simple as a text, and then emailing others.

Digital Litecracy

Digital literacy is when people learn new things about technology and how to use it. Also, how it functions.

Digital Etiquette

Etiquette on the internet focuses on many things. Not cyber bullying, and being respectful to other users.

Digital Laws

Laws on the internet were made to help people stay in line for what they are doing.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

People have freedom to do many things online, such as shop, surf the web, and look at videos.

Digital Health and Wellness

Some people sometimes spend majority of their day on the computer. That can cause many health issues.

Digital Security

Digital Security is like putting a lock on your door. You want all the privacy you can get. There are people who steal many other innocent people's info, and that is why companies are doing their best to protect people like you and me.