Andrew Jackson

Is it worth it to call him a hero? he's a definite zero

Nullification Crisis

Congress had passed a highly protective tariff on the southern states , the south had gotten furious about the tariffs because they have little manufacturing and they relied heavily on imported goods. South Carolina decided to nullify the tariffs believing they had the right as a state to do so.The south had called the tariff of 1838 the " Tariff of Abomination", then the south had threatened to secede from the union . Congress had heard that and they quickly passed a force bill which allowed Jackson and the federal government to force South Carolina to pay their tariffs , South Carolina accepted the compromise tariff when Jackson threatened to lead the army against them and to hang John C. Calhon. President Andrew Jackson should have let south Carolina do what they wanted , he shouldn't have forced them to pay the tariffs if they didn't want to.

Indian Removal Act

Jackson had signed a treaty with the Cherokee's for their removal, and the majority had rejected it. The ones had no choice and were gathered and forced to move by the military. It's not fair for the government to remove the Indians out of their own land. then the military treats the Indians poorly , on the way to their destination a lot of the Indians died of the weather conditions, none of them were prepared for the very cold winter. Jackson could have just made a deal with them to give them their land back once he was done looking for the gold, or at least he should have treated them with better respect and provided them with the materials they needed to go through the weather conditions.
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Killing The national bank

In 1832, Andrew Jackson took a plan of action to take away the Second Bank of the United States. Jackson believed the bank was unconstitutional, too powerful, exposed the nation’s finances to foreign interests, and favored northeastern states. Jackson believed it was a disaster waiting to happen, and set out to shut it down. Was shutting the bank down the right idea? I think not , Andrew Jackson just hated the the second bank , and i think that he felt like the bank was going to end up more powerful than him. Imagine that you had money in that bank , and it just closes , how would you get all your money , i just wasn't right on Jackson's part.

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Andrew Jackson's political cartoon

In this cartoon you can see that President Andrew Jackson is attempting to destroy the second national bank of the United States,and it seems like president Jackson is feeling very powerful , you can also see that he is abusing his power , he is also holding a cane that says veto , representing him vetoing the bank.the snake represents the bank, each head represents a state branch. In the cartoon Jackson is controlling the bank.