survivial guide

for the mojave desert


we have crashed our plane in the mojave desert we have to gater whatever we can to survive.It is hot we are in nevada it is tropicl

step one

First thing you do is listen for water if you can not hear it look for really green plants and go there .Key words find water

step two

Make fire fire is one of your key things you need you need it to purifi water cook food and keep warm.To make a fire a easy way would be to go back to your plane get some wire and the battery tie the two wires to the nobes of the battery and touch them togather in you dry grass

step 3

make a shelter you can use some plants like cactus for protection from wild boar the trees to make a lean to and the shrubs for a bed or if your on one of the one of the natural fuchers like rock for mations and get the seat out of you plane and get lots of srubs for a blanket

step four

make signals with the deasert floweres and black tailed rabits tail for a fag to help them see you and with your fire put lots of green stuff on it to make lots of smoke when you see your boat /plane

step five

get food the best way for chaching food is traping ill explain how to make a trap fist you should find a springy stick or tree i found a tree you have to find thin and stong tie it to the springy tree and make a slip knot at the bottom find two hook shape sticks one stright stick about one foot and on srong stick stuck in the ground under your tree put you two hook shape sticks side by side but another one foot stick in those two hooks put your othe one foot stick wege it be tween the firs stick you stuck in the ground and the one fooot stick in the hooks wrap the string a little bit around the stick put some bait and your ready to cach a rabit or bat