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Terrible Fire Spreads Through Apartments

Two parents die in fire

Last night local fireman responded to a fire on the north side of town. The four bedroom apartment was on the third story. The fireman were not able to save two people of the motion house hold. Two other people of the motion house hold, Lonnie and Lili ages 7 and 4. The two kids were staying with friends at the time, they survived. "It was a sad tragedy not being able to save the two" -Chief of Fire dept. #112 Dan Walker.

The crews worked for three hours to try to put out the fire and they eventually did, but they couldn't save Mr. and Mrs. motion. The fire inspector thinks the fire was caused by bad electrical wiring in the first floor or the basement of the apartment building. The children will now have to stay with a group home or foster care because they have no more relatives. If anyone could foster these kids please do.

Picture caption: This is the apartments up in flames

Dear Bert the Turtle,

Hi Bert the Turtle my name is Timmy Johnson. I am from Washington D.C. My family and I would like to have some of your expert tips and advice to survive the atomic bombs if I am with my friends or alone.

I would also like to know how to duck and cover in the most safe form. Thank you Bert! Please read my letter and respond ASAP!

Sincerely, Timmy Johnson

Dear Timmy Johnson,

Since you live in Washington D.C. you will definitely will be needing these tips because that is Russia's #1 target to bomb. When you duck and cover make sure you tuck your head and get on your hands and knees. And definitely make sure you cover your neck with your hands so if rubble hits your neck you wont break your neck.

Also, even a thin layer of cloth can protect you from a bad burn. Also stay alert and watch for the bright flash of the atomic bomb. And listen for the bomb sirens. And when you see those things happen try to get indoors. I hope my answers helped you Timmy!

Sincerely, Bert the Turtle

Come on Down for Some Great BBQ!

~crops big and small come taste them all!~

Come celebrate a successful first year of the garden! Bring what you grew. We will have a wonderful feast! Royce will make a patio so bring tables. Royce and his friend will also bring a pig to roast!

When: September

Where: Gibb Street garden

If you have any questions contact Royce. You can find him in the garden in the mornings and nights!