Lets Unite! Poverty We Fight!

By: Rahul Jasani

Our motive

For years people have been living in poverty. This is an extremely sad thing to know that even with all our efforts we are still unable to figure out a cure of poverty. Although poverty is not a disease that we can find an exact cure we can still try eliminate poverty through different ways.

Let's Unite! Poverty We Fight!

I have decided to create the club called "Let's Unite! Poverty We Fight!". This club's goal is to basically increase the awareness of poverty. People should be able to know how people live in poverty and some of the scary statistic that blows our mind like the fact that some people in the world are living under $1 a day. That's less than how much we spend for lunch daily and we should mend this. We shall achieve our goal through different ways. We shall create meetings and debates relating to poverty. We shall create debates that shows the different perspectives of poverty. Discussion on basically how we can solve poverty or different ideas in which we can help a vast amount of people in an efficient amount of time. We shall add in technology too, we can make kahoots and other fun activities that incorporate both fun and education into the club so that we are not just a boring club. People will get excited to join our club since we are making a difference and the more people we have the more newer and better ideas we can obtain. The possibilities of ideas are endless. We can make different event such week relating to the school such as donations or to gain money we can make bakery days or other events to get money to donate to the needy. This at one then makes a difference over the year. Brilliant ideas can be brought to teachers and we can then think of making a difference and helping the people facing poverty. Throughout the world people have realized the global issues and people from small to big are trying to make a difference. Even the richer people are now taking a stand such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet that are trying to make a change in this world to be a sustainable place to live in. Overall this clubs' motive is to help people living in poverty to the best of our abilities.
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How I Will Know If Our Club Has Brought a Positive Change

I will know if our club has been successful in achieving our goal by many factors. Firstly, the participation in our club will show if we have successfully recognized poverty and we as a club have motivated people to take an action to make a difference. Another factor that shows that my club has done a good job is the ideas that we generate. If our club is able to generate ideas that are given some thought behind it then we can tell that our club is actually trying and this is no fun or joke. This can tell that our club has been successful since we can then understand that people in our club are taking this matter seriously and we are for legitimate trying to help people facing poverty

Let's Unite! Poverty We FIght!

Friday, Jan. 30th, 3pm to Thursday, Feb. 12th, 4pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON