The Binding of Isaac

A Brief Summary

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The games plot is fairly small, and ambiguous. It centers around a boy, Isaac, trying to escape his mother. She has been hearing "God" talk to her, instructing her to remove sin from Isaac's life, and eventually to kill him, as a test of faith. He runs, and finds a trapdoor to a cellar, which is the first area of the game.

This story is shown through a cut-scene at the start of the game, and further segments of story are shown via short vignettes between levels. They show memories of Isaac's life of being bullied by his schoolmates, and abused by his mother, as well as events that could not have happened which represent his fears, such as his death and burial.

As you progress through the game, the areas become stranger and stranger, and it is much more likely that the games events are simply the nightmares and reflections caused by Isaac's life. These areas include; The Womb; Sheol, or Hell; The Cathedral, in which a doppelganger of Isaac is the boss; and The Chest.

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The game plays a lot like a twin stick shooter. The controls use W, A, S and D to move, And the four arrow keys to shoot. A floor is randomly generated, and you must find your way to the boss of each floor and defeat it.

Along each floor, you can find many different items to help fight. These can affect the way you play in a large way, ranging from small stat upgrades to changing your main weapon from tears into something different, such as lasers or missiles.

There is a large variety of enemies that will spawn in each room, which grow progressively more difficult to kill on each floor, which range from flies and spiders to zombies and demons.

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The Binding of Isaac was created in flash player using action script 2, and due to the large amount of content, maxed out the capabilities of the engine.

The release of the game was split into two parts, the base game and the first "expansion" The wrath of the lamb, which was originally supposed to be in the base game. after the wrath of the lamb was released, nothing more could be added to the game, and even many of the bugs went unfixed, and changing the code much more resulted in the game breaking completely, so no more patches or content were released.

In November 2012 the creator, Edmund McMillen, announced that he would be working on the binding of isaac rebirth. This would contain all the content from the first game, and almost twice as much brand new content. It is also going to be built in a new engine, so the problems that hindered the development of the original would be gone.

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