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The United States forces plan to be slashed in Afghanistan. The Obama administration plan to slash U.S. forces in Afghanistan by more than half during the next 16 months. The administration is still discussing the size of the American force that will remain in Afghanistan after 2014. Pentagon officials are pushing for 6,000 to 9,000 troops, through White House aids are considering a force of 3,000 or even fewer. At the time, U.S. officials want to keep as many as 30,000 troops in Afghanistan through april 2014. Whether or not troops will remain, the U.S. will help Afghanistan with training, equipment, and aid.

A squad of suicide bombers attacked Afghanistan's intelligence service headquarters, wounding dozens of civilians. Five men wearing suicide vest, emerged from a second van, but were shot by security guards. The explosion happened at around noon in an area in the city that is usually busy with visitors collecting documents from government buildings. The intelligence service is a key player in the flight against the Taliban and its role will only increase as its allies withdraw 100,000 combat troops by the end of 2014. Violence across the country has been increasing in resent months, the most resent attack in the capital came last month, when a car bomber struck outside a compound used by a military contractor, killing two Afghan workers.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country which means it doesn't border water. Afghanistan is a little larger than France. It's bordered by Pakistan on the east and south, and Iran on the west. The climate in Afghanistan is the most easterly country to exsperience the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. The lowest part of Afghanistan have a semi-arid or desert climate.


Almost 50 Iranians were on their way home after being bailed out of jail by Syrians in a prisoner swap. On Thursday, on their way home, they were stranded at the Damascus Airport due to bad weather all across the Middle East. In northern Syria the al-Qaida terrorists fought army troops inside of a military helicopter base in Idlib province. The al-Qaida terrorists freed 48 Iranian prisoners on Wednesday in order to free more than 2,000 prisoners held captive by Syrian authorities. In other news, Iranian space officials say they re going to make another attempt to launch a live monkey into space. In 2011 Iranian failed to launch a live monkey into space. News reports in other country didn't say exactly what went wrong, but their plan was to launch a live rhesus monkey on a Kavoshgar-5 rocket. If this mission was to be a success it may lead them towards their goal of getting an astronaut by 2020 and on the moon by 2025. Also, senior United Nations officials began talking on Wednesday with Iranian officials, hoping to talk with the United States. Iran insists their interest in nuclear technology is for energy and medical purposes only. Iran claims the suspicion of the United States and Britain are based on faulty intelligence.The United Nations have imposed sanctions that the Iranian president has said they have slowed growth and foreign trade.


Ayatollan Jannati has heard that the United states and the Zionist devised a scheme for Iraq to stop the flames of sedition and the civil war in the country. Since December 23,2012 Iraq has been the scene of anti-government demonstrations,bodyguards of Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi were arrested on terrorism related charges. However, Iraqi Prime Minster Nouri al-Maleki didn't want Iraq and the United States to push the country toward violence. Outside the offices of a major Kurdish party in northern Iraq, a suicide bomber with explosives in his car blew himself up, this bomb killed at least 33 people across the country. There was another car bomb that hit the headquarters for Kurdish security force in Tuz Khormato. This bomb killed five people and wounded 36 people. The tow cities of Fallujiah and Ramadi are scenes of more than three weeks of demonstrations against the government, when a bomb went off at mourners gathering to mark al-lssawi's death,wounding three people. Gunmen killed three policemen when they were sitting in their patrol cars and another gunman shot an army officer at checkpoint. Several years ago violence fell at the peak of insurgency, but lethal attacks still occur frequently. In other news, terrible weather cut oil exports from Iraq's Basra ports to 960,000 barrels per day, before there were 2.35 barrels per day. there are high winds in the Gulf that are prevailing loading ships from leaving the ports. Lower oil shipments from secret Iraqi Kurdistans pushed down total average exports that were caused by disagreement over payments between Baghdad and self-governed kurdish, in the north. Average exports could be issued as a major affect caused by bad weather. Iraq could be closer to its highest exports level in decades from the south's exports, the country's main crude shipment point that have risen steadily.