Someone decided to make a return back to the league after a victory against a once upon a time 4-0 team the Chodes. This victory was won by Hernandez notso TE with a 35.48 point margin, what this victory really shows is how important it is to be on top of NFL info and know who to pick up and play. Hernandez Notso TE has been snagging waiver players each week some Bust and some Bangs. It's actually turning out that most of his waiver pick ups have been Bangs. No one thought Zac Stacy would become the big impact he is now, same for Alshon Jefferey who is becoming Chicagos #2 guy and does perform each week. Other players Hernandez notso TE has picked up that have turned up. Marvin Jones, Andre Allington, Le'veon Bell, and recently added Shane vereen. Tough matchup this week with the #1 rank manger in the league (Dollar&aTeam) the turn up must be real for Hernandez and his high scoring team. (No Zac Stacy this week! Yesssss
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Suckamydicka 114.78 HandsBud Rouge 94.66

Suckamydicka (4-6) has won 4 of his last 5 games and is propelling up the rankings. This week he took down a high ranked HandsBud Rouge (6-4) who had a 10 point projection lead coming in to the games. Suckamydicka keeps climbing, HandsBud Rouge remains in the same spot roughly for the past 4 weeks. HandsBud your team is legit and it's not because your putting in the wrong players, your just getting bad matchups. I see your team taking W's from here on out because players like Stafford,Desean and McCoy will be turning up due to potential playoff possibilities, Also know as PPP.

Little Giants 77.60 Cuatro Nuevers 67.86

Can someone please stop that man! Little giants (8-2) has been a tough matchup for most of us and it's not even like he's winning games with big points he's just beating managers that have bad weeks. Cuatro Nuevers did have a bad week! But didn't realize it until he saw Locker not do any good for his team. Even I thought Locker was a reasonable pick up because of his matchup against a poor jaguars Defense, But like once before Locker headed to the Locker room to find out he won't be on the field anytime soon. Cuatro Nuevers just needed a QB to come out and score 10 points THATS IT! 10 points. These are some QBs you could have won this week with Joe Flacco 10 points, Carson Palmer 14 points,Ryan Tanehill 16 points and even EJ Manuel with 10.90 points. A season shining Bright for Little Giants and a season coming to a close for Cuatro Nuevers aka Tres Siete.

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Snow 80.58 MileyTwerkz 70.68

Snow (6-4) was rewarded early on this year best Drafted players by Yahoo fantasy (I'm a company man) and we laughed not because the players on his team but because it was Andrew I mean like Come own. I have been watching Snows team week by week and Snow is doing what he is suppose to be doing, avoiding byes benching injury players even making trades. Snow pretty much is slapping all who doubted right in the face. A current 4th place Rank team and no signs of slowing down other then the fact that Arian Foster is out for the season. Tough spot to fill but Snow will do what he has to do to justify his record.

It looks like we lost a Manager. I know that MileyTwerkz has been busy lately and dealing with some other important matters it's just sad to see Calvin Johnson not be any importance for teams. Still though Miley has no byes this week and could be an issue for HandsBud Rouge.

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Dollar&aTeam 108.52 The Squaaad 105.92

Wow what a close one! if it wasn't for Dollar&aTeams (8-2) brilliant pick ups this week a drop in the rankings could have been the result. An intelligent move by letting Cam Ride the bench and putting trust in a Blazing Nick Foles. Not only was there 1 Great Call this week there was also another. NYG spanked the Raiders and gave 17 points to Dollar&aTeam which was needed very much. The Squaaad (5-5) is being trailed by a couple managers so he needs to play it smart these next weeks ahead. Tough matchup against his BF this week and it could alter the Ranks.