Georgia: The 13th colony found!

James Oglethorpe; the founder of the last of the 13 colonies

James Oglethorpe

James Oglethorpe lived to see the 13 colonies become an independent nation. He was a man of much respect and importance. Oglethorpe also served in the European war, and when he came back from Europe, became a member of parliament, and later was chosen governor. Oglethorpe had a major effect on this new colony.

Georgia, the Great

All About Georgia

Georgia is named after king George the II. People who aren't as wealthy come to Georgia, to have an opportunity to start their life over again. Also people who come to Georgia can be free of religion, and not be killed or injured because of what they believe in. Georgia was built for the reasons above, and to make a military barrier between the Carolina's and Spanish Florida. Not only is Georgia the last of the 13 colonies, but it is the only one of the 13 that received financial aid by vote of Parliament. Georgia is different from all of the other colonies for many reasons. For example, they forbid slavery, and also they intoxicated all liquors. The settlers of Georgia have their land free of rent for ten years, but could take no part of government. In other words, Georgia is a great colony and everyone should have the opportunity to live there.

Made by: Emalene Greenman, and Rosie Connolly