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What is a stagecoach? A stagecoach is a type of covered wagon used to transport passengers and goods to a curtain destination. The first stagecoach was built in 1827. The cost to buy one at the time was 1,200-1,500 dollars. The company that was making them made 40 different carriages and wagons related to the stagecoach. The factory making them was in Concord, New Hampshire.

Advantages and Disadvantages


*get one place to another faster than walking

*don't have to walk

*carries multiple items and people with the large amount of space


*easier access

*good storage

*get to take a break if you get motion sickness unlike a train

*get to pick who is traveling with you unlike a train with multiply other families traveling as well


*slower than a train

*have to take breaks for the horses to rest

*bumpy travels

*people accidentally falling off

*when the weather is bad you don't have much protection

*A train ticket was cheaper depending on how far you want to go and how many people you plan on paying for

*needed horses ,it was hard for them because of the extreme weight

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The Abbot Downing Company created the stagecoach.

Impact on ND

The stagecoach was a big impacted on not just North Dakota ,but for people all over the world. The stagecoach was a start to a new way of life. The stagecoach was a step closer for the car being invented. The stagecoach helped out many people and families. The stagecoaches help with people's everyday life. The stagecoach made daily life much easier.

Importance to settling in the west

The stagecoach made things much easier to travel to their destination. Without it people would have to take the train if they had one at the time. For the people that could not afford that they would have to abandon their belongings to make it easier to walk to their destination. This meant that they had to start over and buy new things. The stagecoach made it much easier to transport their belongings and their family.
"The Making of a Stagecoach Photo Shoot: Building the Coach"