McKennna Brieske

All About ME

Facts About Me:

My name is McKenna Brieske.

I was born in Everret Washington and moved to Wisconsin when I was 3.

My Favorite Sport is Bowling.

My red hair is natural not dyed.....

My highest bowling game score ever is a 279 and highest series is 659.

I have 1 brother named Adam.

I also have 2 golden retreivers named Charlie and Buddy.

When I get older I want to be a Lawyer, Forencis Scientist (Criminal Minds), FBI, or a Hostage Negotiator.

My favorite Tv Shows are Criminal Minds and Pretty Little Liars!

I have 4 Colleges in mind, Montana State, Washington University, Harvard Law, or Witchita State.

10 Does and Don'ts of Keyboarding...


1.) Fingers lined with keys

2.)Good Posture

3.) Look at the monator not the Keys

4.) Put feet flat on the floor

5.) Wrists even in length between keyboard


1.) Look at the keys or your hands

2.) Slouch in your chair

3.) Have your chair up to high or to low

4.) Feet not on the floor flat

5,) Fingers not centered on they keys