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Mustasheville has the best buildings around and every sigle one is covered in mustaches. Our tallest skyscraper is a rectangular prisim with 6 faces, 8 verticies, and 12 edges. This building also has a rectangular pyramid on top with 5 faces, 6 verticies and 7 edges. Our school is a cube with 6 faces, 8 verticies, and 12 edges. Our Water Tower has a cylender with 2 face 0 verticies and 0 edges. The water tower also has a sphere with o faces, o verticies, and 0 edges. Our Arc has 5 faces, 12 verticies, and 16 edges. We have a hidden triangular pyramid that has 4 faces, 4 verticies, and 6 edges see if you can find it look very very closely. The Great Wall of Mustach is a rectangular prism with 6 faces, 8 vertices, and 12 edges.

Our Town

2-D shapes

Our park is congruent to our pool and it shaows a rotation. Our Zoo is congruent to the parking lot and shows a translation. Our pool and park have 3 lines of symmetry. Our Zoo and parking lot have 2 lines of symmetry. Our pond and lake have 4 lines of symmetry.


Road is parallel to Parkway. Street is parallel to Drive. Road is perpendicular to Street to form a right angle. Parkway is perpendicular to to Drive. Road is intersecting with Lane to form an abtuse and acute angle. Street is intersecting with Lane.