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Kylee Figueroa | 6th period | April 7-1O | Shyanne Ford

How was oil dscovered?

People would find oil pits and pitch springs.

Who were the Hamilton brothers?

Frederic C. Hamilton is the founder of Hamilton Oil Corporation, which he founded in the late 1960's. There was actually only one Hamilton brother which is him himself.

How do you drill an oil well?

Start by drilling a hole in the Earth as close to 5 to 40 inches deep.

What were the early uses of oil?

Some people used oil as medicine, for example they would put it on their tooth if they had a tooth ache.

What was it like on the day of the boom?

It was chaotic. People from everywhere rushed into town to get some and sell it.

What is a wildcatter?

A prospector who sinks exploratory oil wells.

How does oil form?

It mostly happens in sediment deposits that collect in depressions at the bottom of the ocean.

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