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December 18, 2014

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Presidencia de la República de Panamá

Our 4th Grade students visited the Presidencia de la República de Panamá as part of the social studies unit, emphasizing the different government structures. Students learned about the history of the palace which goes as far back as 1673, visited the Yellow Room, and saw the beautiful painted murals throughout the palace. After its restoration in 1922, the palace received two herons as a gift and then the palace was renamed as the Palacio de las Garzas. The palace has been used as a governor's residence, customs house, school, and finally Panama's Presidential Palace and residence.

Our students received a first class tour by the First Lady, Mrs. Lorena Castillo, who warmly greeted the students and spoke to them about the palace.

The highlight of the day was when the two herons were released to walk royally throughout the spectacular lobby. It was truly an unforgettable experience for our 4th graders!

4th Grade at Palacio de las Garzas
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Last week, the students who participate in our Taekwondo after school activity completed their belt tests and advancement. This is the group who completed the requirements to pass to the next level.


Middle School students wrapped 240 shoe boxes full of wonderful things for children. These generous gift boxes will be taken to Colon and the Hospital del Niño. These gifts will make a lot of children happy this holiday season.

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The Admissions Office will begin accepting SY 2015-2016 applications for new students on January 1st, 2015. Please visit or email for more information.

If you are enrolling a sibling of a current BA student, please submit your application in January in order to secure your spot.

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Tis the Season! As part of their final exam, all 9th graders in Ms. Royo’s Health class became CPR certified with the help of our school nurses! Since we initiated CPR training for all 9th graders, one student used CPR on a child at a family event. Balboa Academy Dragons do save lives!


The High School students who volunteer every Wednesday in San Felipe with APROJUSAN went and celebrated Christmas at the center. They had a great lunch, lots of games, and of course, CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

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The High School Clubs Lead the Way, Science Club, and SAID (Students Against Illegal Drugs) gave the High School janitors Christmas gifts to show their appreciation for their hard work and service. The clubs gifted a basket from Felipe Motta, a $50 gift certificate to Stevens, and a $50 gift certificate to Machetazo. Merry Christmas!!


On December 3, the High School Make a Wish Club granted their FIRST WISH! Four-year old Tarielis came to school with her family for a Princess Party. Her wish was to get a 2DS Nintendo! The Club also gave the family mattresses for her bed and her five siblings’ beds. Dragons really make Wishes Come True!

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The High School Club, RISE, visited Caimital to see the completed bridge, and took some end of year gifts. The purpose of the visit was to place a “library” set of books for the school. The PTSO helped collect books and funds to support the club, and RISE took small shelving units and setup a “library” (book corner) for their small school this Christmas.


Congratuations to our High School Design Class who has worked hard creating these logos for our different club activiites!
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AP Studio Art students spent their first semester clicking away with their

Digital SLR cameras to build a portfolio for their AP Studio Art requirements.

Students edited the photos using Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator and learned about the elements and principles of design as it applies to photography.

The next semester the students will be preparing their AP Portfolio and begin working on their concentration ideas to submit in May of 2015.

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Dead Pixel Society Network News

DPS Network-December 11th 2014

Former President, Ernesto Balladares, Visits BA High School

On December 3, former President, Mr. Ernesto Perez Balladares, came and spoke to the High School Panama History students. He shared stories of his education and what events in his life influenced him to become a leader. We are very lucky to have had a chance to share this time with him!

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Balboa Academy is proud to have two student teams and two faculty teams participating in the annual ocean to ocean cayuco race. This race originally was organized by the Boy Scouts of America in the Canal Zone in 1954 to promote endurance and healthy competition. Youths and adults built cayucos in the tradition of the indigenous people living on the waters of the Panama Canal.

The Club de Remos de Balboa (CREBA) was founded in 2000 after the closure of U.S. bases and continues to promote this fabulous race. This weekend the club held their first regatta on the Bay of Panama. Don't miss the next regatta which is scheduled for January 17, 2015, starting at the Balboa Yacht Club in Fort Amador. GO DRAGONS!

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Thank you to our PTSO and all the parent volunteers who have supported our school during this 1st semester. There have been so many wonderful events such as the Paint-a-Tile day; Escuela Para Padres; On-Line Book Club; and, Holiday Boutique. Get ready for next semester where the PTSO will support our Field Days in February and the Dragon Festival on March 14, 2015!