Walking in Their Shoes

A Maids Shoes for the Day

The history to the sneaker

The shoe was first manufactured in the late 1800s in the United States. The first rubber shoe was invented in 1899. In the span of 1892-1913 30 new shoe brands were developed. The name for all brands was Peds, which is the Latin meaning for foot.Charles Goodyear discovered a process called vulcanization in the 1840s. The shoe was first called a sneaker by Henry Nelson McKinney.
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A Day in the Life of

A day in the life of a maid would be very demanding. The only time you get a break is when you are finished with the job. The job is none stop, and in order to get the job done it could take hours. Cleaning up other people's messes is tough, because you don't really ever know what to expect. Being a maid can very from cleaning toilets to washing windows. Most people hire maids to do all the dirty work.

My connection

My connection to a maid is that I love cleaning. Well I love to clean, they have too. I voluntarily clean the house without asking for money. Cleaning is important to me, without everything being organized it drives me crazy. I have OCD so of course I can't handle it, I would be a good maid. Reason being is I can be fast but accurate, and cleaning is freeing. It gives me time to think about important topics.