Team Tortorello Newsletter

1st Grade Sherwood

Important Information and Dates

Monday, January 20: No School MLK Jr. Day

Saturday, February 8: PTO Carnival 11-2 PM

Friday, February 14: No School - Institute Day

Monday, February 17: No School - Presidents' Day

Friday, February 28: Early Release at 1:36 PM

Carnival Basket - Message From Room Parents

Hello Tortorello Families,

Our class chose “Gift Cards” for the class carnival basket. We are asking for numerous and a variety of new gift cards in the amount of $10, $25, $50 or anything higher if you’d like. Please send your gift cards to school with your child to turn into Mrs. Tortorello. We ask that you put them in a sealed envelope with the amount written on the envelope to help us organize the basket in a magnificent and desirable way to get a lot of bids! Please turn the gift cards in by Friday, January 24. We greatly appreciate your generosity!

We’d like to have local special gift cards - please, no Target :) Some ideas….






Sunset/Whole Foods

Asian Foot Spa (or any Spa)

Uncle Dans

Blue Mercury


Bar Taco

HP Boutiques

Class Pass/Core Power/ Shri



Anything else you can think of would be great!

If you have any questions, please contact Katie Cohen at

iRead - Week 1

Thank you for helping us keep track of our minutes. Right now we are at . Let's keep it going! Next Thursday, I will send home another sheet for you to complete and send it back to me. The kids are really excited about reading and counting their minutes.

Valentine's Day Celebration

If your child would like to pass out Valentine's Day Cards to the class please send them in on Feb. 13th. They will have time to pass them out before our party/service project. I will send home a class list next week if they would like to put names on each valentine card.


This week we finished our Supermarket story and wrote about the facts we learned in our journal. Students are working on building their stamina for read to self and practicing how to pick "just right" books. While I work with small groups, students are completing center choices (sight word books, sight word games, writing center activities, rebuilding a poem, unscrambling sentences, word work practice and sorts, etc.). There are many different choices and students continue to build their skills as a reader. In phonics, we continued our focus on contractions and talked about long u and short u words. In writing we started our opinion unit and students wrote about "The Best Part of Me."


We continue to work on using a numberline to solve different addition and subtraction problems. Skip counting by 5s and 10s helps us use the number line when we make "hops" forward or backwards. In number corner, we are working on finding the mystery number in an equation (ex: 5 + ? = 8). After the mini-lesson for the day, I work with small groups while students complete a math menu choice (flash cards, online practice, a worksheet, math games, etc.)

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Can you add to this short u word list: hug, cub...?
  • Can you add to this long u word list (e at the end): huge, cube...?
  • How many minutes did you read for iRead this week? (ask if your student can suggest different strategies to solve the problem - draw it out, write an equation, use a number line, use your fingers, skip count, etc.)?
  • What is the best part of you?
  • What was something kind you did this week?
  • What was a challenge you overcame this week?