CDS Middle School

Director's Newsletter

September 1st, 2017

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear Parents,

The halls have been buzzing with energy and smiles as CDS Middle School wraps up the third week of the new school year. Students and teachers alike are happy to be settling into their classes and regular school routines. Co-curricular clubs and After School Programs (ASPs) are off to a great start as well. Between our four ASPs and three Fall KAIAC Athletic teams we have well over half of our MS student body involved in activities after school hours.

We're also excited about the outstanding kids who have been elected to lead as Student Council members this year (see comments from Mr. Brennan and Mrs. Koetje below).

MS students were hard at work this week updating their Digital Portfolios using the New Google Sites. The interface is much easier to use and most students were able to get it setup correctly with help from their teachers. Portfolios at CDS MS are designed for students to reflect on their process and progress as they learn new content and skills.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. In case you missed it, our MS Girls Soccer team will have their first jamboree on Saturday morning (9/2) at Seoul International School. Also, some of our 5th grader soccer players will compete along side our FP 4th graders at Chadwick on Saturday (9/2).

Feel free to show up to either SIS or Chadwick to support our athletes if you're able. Go Phoenix!

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Student Council 2017-18

CDS set a new record this year with 22 students running for Student Council positions. All students could have been great team members, but there could be only eight.

We have three members returning from last year, with Jiah Choi moving from Treasurer to President, Amy Yoon moving from Secretary to Vice President and Han Na Shin moving from Sixth Grade Representative to Secretary. Our new members are Ellie Lee as Eighth Grade Representative, Daniel Hong as Treasurer, Erica Jeon as Seventh Grade Representative, David Bae as Sixth Grade representative and SH Choi representing the Fifth Grade. This will be our first time with a brother and sister on the council, so that should be fun to watch!

Planning for the year has already begun, so let's wait and see what they have in store for us!

Mr. Brennan & Mrs. Koetje

Student Justice League

CDS has decided to launch a student Justice League as a part of our restorative justice program.

The Restorative Justice committee or "Justice League" is a peer conflict resolution group. Its main function is to sit students down who are in conflict and have their peers walk them through a resolution.

This process will of course be guided by faculty members. It is a great opportunity for our students to help shape our CDS atmosphere and create peer support resources. We have several goals as administrators for this organization.

The first is to encourage students to become part of the positive atmosphere at CDS. Students can actively address student conflicts that might negatively impact our community and counteract these incidents.

The second goal is to help students perfect their conflict resolution skills. These skills are vital for the modern world and will allow committee members to add a unique aspect to their skill set.

Finally, we want our students to have the opportunity to take the lead in our school and to develop an "up stander" attitude instead of being "bystanders." If you have any questions, please let me know in person, e-mail or phone.

Peter Harris, Student Affairs Coordinator

Dalton Cup - Term 1 Schedule

Students cast their vote for this year's Dalton Cup sports, and soccer was among the top three. So we launch the year with Soccer on Monday, September 4th!
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Upcoming Events

9/1 Grade 7 Ballet Festival Field Trip

9/2 Girls Soccer @ SIS

9/2 Grade 4 & 5 Boys Soccer @ Chadwick

9/9 MS Girls Soccer @ TCIS

9/16 MS Boys Soccer @ SFS

9/16 MS Girls Soccer @ KIS