Nuclear Fusion

The Galaxies' New Energy 5/19/2016

Jordan Washington from the NASA bureaucracy of new energy sources across the galaxy. From the cooperation of the other planets' scientists and their many labs done on trying to figure out what makes the Sun's energy so powerful. We have now found the thing that makes the Sun so powerful and it is called nuclear fusion.

The Discovery

This morning at 5:26 CT, a telegram was received by the international space station from Venus and Mercury entailing the new discovery of nuclear fusion that goes on in the core of the Sun. It contained information about the similarities and differences between this new energy and nuclear fission which was found out about in June of last year.

Planets Involved

Scientists from Venus and Mercury have done intensive research on what makes the Sun's energy so powerful. The findings were staggering and this new information was given to scientists on Earth and Mars that have been beginning to circulate through the Milky Way.
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The New Energy

This new found energy has helped scientists understand the Sun's powerful energy much more than before. The energy is called nuclear fusion. This is the joining of more than one atomic nuclei. The joining of the atomic nuclei releases a ton of energy and this energy is circulated throughout the Sun's layers and eventually displaced on all of the planets through the Sun's rays. This is different from an older form energy that scientists have previously discovered called nuclear fission. This is when large atomic nuclei split apart and this energy sets off a domino effect of energy that is powerful but not as much as nuclear fusion. Both of these energies are found to be taking place within the Sun's core.

Means of the discovery

This new energy was shed light on by intensive research from Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Funding for the research was given to the scientists on Mercury and Venus by Earth and Mars for the many trips we have had to make to those planets to stay on the same page as this information continued to change. The discovery of the new energy was found on t the Sun and this is thanks to the perseverance of scientists from all of the planets that were previously mentioned.

Economic Impact

Because of the amount of nuclear fusion energy that is responsible for the energy that all of the planets feel through the Sun's intense rays, it is a good idea for civilians for each planet to take advantage of this. Because the rays of the Sun is so powerful, it is good for people to invest in solar panels to save money of the use of conventional energy that may not be a renewable energy source.