Robservation Nation

Freedom through Independence

Attention All Americans!

Do you want a party that SUPPORTS YOU?

Do you want to voice an opinion?

Do you want a say?

Do you want to make a difference?

Do you want your country to succeed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Robservation Nation is the right political party for you to roll with!

Our Glourious Symbol Was Crafted by our Founder!

  • Our logo is the Robaffe, the mystical creature that shows love, compassion, and understanding.
  • Our party wants all people to love each other through a government that will be productive, so people will wake up happier instead of being unhappy that they have a government that is trillions in debt and fails to launch usable websites.

Our Founding Principles

Social Security

Social Security should be provided to the people by the people. Larger Corporations with a history of success should be able to sell social security to the people. This will not only allow people to be able to choose from a selection of social security, but, will all social security to be more wide spread, accessible, and won’t be able to be shut down when the government does. Allowing corporations to taking control, this will allow more offices to appear and more corporations being designed for the social security. This will create more jobs and allow more variations of coverage. For example, I could go with social security provide 3 and choose coverage 4 instead of being forced to get social security from the government with limited choices. This will also help the government focus more on other things, like the economy.


The government should expand the military in unstable nations to help calm down other countries. We will set up a sheet with violations that would cause us to intervene with other countries interests, e.g. gassing their own citizens. We should also get more involved with our own defense with higher budgets to our police departments. The government should provide a larger budget to the military for weapons testing and development. Also, include a significant larger budget to the science divisions to we can develop new weapons and sources of energy so we can design eco-friendly tanks and places, while designing new stealth technology for them as well, also, if we let other countries beat us in the weapons race, how will we be able to defend ourselves in an invasion situation where we are out weapon-ed? These higher budgets will be achieved with cutting of unnecessary platforms in our budget, like the healthcare and social security funding.

Tax Reform

Excessively taxing the rich is not necessary. For example, if bob makes 100,000 a year and pays 22% of that to the government, he is giving them 22,000. If Jay Jay makes 10,000,000 a year and he pays 22% of that to taxes, he is paying 2,200,000 to the government, so same tax rate is unfair. The tax system should be set up based on how much you make, regardless if you are upper lower class or lower middle class. A million per year person shouldn’t be paying the same, or close to that of a person who makes 62,000 a year. Just because the richer person worked their booty off to make themselves successful, doesn’t mean they should be penalized. Also, corporation taxes should be redone based on this. It is unfair the richer and is the reason why they move their corporations overseas and hire foreign workers.


Illegal Immigrants that are caught in the country will be deported immediately, along with fines, not only themselves, but to the families of these illegal immigrants, but to the home countries as well for allowing their citizens to escape from their country. We will tighten up the borders will help defend ourselves from illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants, if they pay their fines, will be able to enter our country the proper ay after five years suspension period. All companies that hired illegal workers will be fined per each illegal worker they have hired. If they hired a high amount of workers, for example 13% of their working population is illegal, they should get a suspension of operations for a couple weeks and a huge fine.

Health Care

The Health Care will be the responsibility of the corporations. The government should not have to baby its own people. Everyone is capable of a job, to provide incentives for people getting jobs, pass a law that states that all full time employees have to get some sort of minimal health care at least. Not only will this encourage jobs, but boost the economy and also cut spending. Having the government check up on the corporations once and a while to make sure they aren’t abusing the health care is basically all the government has to do. They will save so much more money by doing it this way, and this will help stimulate jobs and the economy, without having to waste tax payers’ dollars.

We believe that the government should not cause stress, to prove this, watch the video below

BEARS scratching on trees DUBSTEP

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