From Sea to Salt

Written By: Esha


Did you know that salt comes from the sea? If you didn't then read this article to find out about it!


First they obtain the salt from the sea, but before the leave for they factory they need to get one more thing, rock salt, and brine.


Next a diamond shaped drill is used to make core samples. Then they select it for mining. After that chunks of blasted rock salt is transported to an underground crushing area. Then brine is evaporated in shallow ponds. Later salt is scooped up from railroads. After that it is washed with concentrated salt water. Then brine is processed in a multi affect vacuum evaporater. Now salt is made!


It is either shipped or packed in bags to shops, and now people can by it.

Fun Facts

Salt is the substance in sodium chloride.


Now whenever you see salt in your food think about where it came from, or what a long process it went through.
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