Six Impossible Things

things out of reach by miles

A list of the outrageously impossible things in my life

1. Be the best and most consistent person in all areas of study and anywhere else. Hard near impossible, manageable yes.

2. Fill in places of work for my parents if possible. I want to make it easier for my parents and grandma. Anything i contribute to assist my parents and grandma makes me feel helpful and useful.

3. Become a successful rich man with a company that creates specialized merchandise and equipment that could contribute to the good of mankind.

4. Make things right in the world, such as making more jobs and achieving equality in society.

5. Give a reasonable amount of money to the poor when I'm rich because the majority of the human population is poor and needs more money than rich people.

6. Donate money to third world countries so they can start fresh and build from the ground up.

My reasons for these choices

I chose these six impossible things because i want to be almost the first man to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. Life's too short to not want to achieve these goals. Helping the poor and donating money to third world countries is something that needs to be done by anyone. I want poor people to live a life that is full of excitement and adventure, not famine and drought. Making heaps of money is important to be able to donate it and no one wants to do it so I figure someone should and that person should be me. My family comes first though and helping them out would mean so much to me. Being consistent and the best is something out of my reach for the moment.

Images of three of my impossible things