Team Dankoski

March 25th, 2016

Special Guest Reader: Mr. Arango

Parent Volunteers

We are very grateful to Mr. Arango for sharing the biography of Diego Rivera in Spanish. I read the English version of the story and Mr. Arango read the Spanish version. The students asked great questions and their excitement was palpable.

We are also grateful to all the parent volunteers who come in weekly to read to our students, who are room parents, who come to field trips, who help with the PTO, who give our class gifts of supplies, who contribute to our classroom CRES Fest basket, who share your time and talent to help us excel, who help with difficult homework. Your contributions are too numerous to catalogue, but we thank you all.

SPRING on our playground!

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Spring Break Starts next week: No school next Friday

Planting our bean seeds

WHOOT! We have a couple of little bean roots growing. We are beginning to chart their growth and record the data on our charts. We will be graphing the growth over time and we will also be labeling the different parts of the plant!


Writer's and Reader's Workshop: This week we focused on the main Idea in our reading, and talked about different strategies that help us determine main ideas. We also worked on getting more details about our "hero" and read our biographies.

Math Workshop: Our geometry focus is on learning all the attributes of different shapes. What is a polygon? What is the difference between a line and a line segment? Can a square be a rectangle? Can a rectangle be a square?

Science: We are exploring the surprising idea that plants can actually move around. The primary way they do this is by dispersing their seeds.

Your child chose one of three seed models to build, and practiced dropping the seeds from a height, in order to avoid the dreaded "zone of darkness" (i.e. the shade!)

Together you and your child can watch some really amazing examples of seeds being spread by wind, water, and animals here:

Some of these are examples we saw in class. But one very exciting category we didn't consider in class were seeds that explode! You can find them by fast-forwarding to the 15:15 mark at the above video (Episode 1: Travelling).

Don't miss it!


Students should read for 30 minutes each night.

10-15 minutes of math:

The MobyMax website is a good supplement to student studying as well

Common Sense Media

Below is a link to the website Common Sense Media. This is a great resource for teachers and parents. The site is packed with movie, game and app reviews, as well as articles and advice on how to navigate our increasingly digital world with your children. I encourage you to check it out! Especially in light of the 1:1 roll out next year. It is our responsibility to teach our kids the importance of being sensible digital citizens. Your CRES teaching team is working hard to be ready and we need your support at home, too!

VolunteerSpot: Updated

There are now Volunteer Spots up for 2016. Thanks so much to the Volunteers, you help is very much appreciated. The kids love it when you come in, too!

Here's how to volunteer in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link below to see our Sign-Up on VolunteerSpot

2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.

3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.

Important Information

Specials Classes 3/28 - 3/31

Monday: P.E.

Tuesday: Computer

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: No School: Spring Break

Upcoming CRES Events and Deadlines

March 29th - Spring Picture Day (Forms went home Friday)

April 1st - 8th - Spring Break

**Get this Special Event on Your Calendar**

April 22nd: CRES Fest (Our Class Basket is Indy 500 themed)

Our Schedule

8:45-9:00 Morning Procedures

9:00-9:30 Learning Clubs

9:30-10:10 Science/Social Studies

10:15-10:50 Related Arts

10:55-12:35 Reading Workshop

12:35-12:55 Recess

1:05-1:35 Lunch

1:40-2:55 Math Workshop

2:55-3:30 Writer's Workshop


If there is ever a transportation change for your child please send your child into school with a note, or contact the office by 2:00 pm. I must have a note from you or the office stating a transpiration change. If I do not receive a note I will send your child home the usual way.

Snacks and Lunch

Snack: Students will be allowed to bring a snack in the morning since our lunch time is later in the day. Snacks need to be healthy and nutritious. Please refrain from bringing items with tree nuts due to allergies. Students can also bring a bottle of water to school each day.

Lunch: We will eat lunch each day from 1:05-1:35 in the cafeteria. Your child may eat school lunch or bring his or her lunch from home. Lunch options this year are hot lunch, turkey sandwich, peanut butter & jelly, chef salad, or pizza pack.

Lunch Visits and Background Checks

All guests and parent volunteers must have their background check completed prior to volunteering at school or having lunch with their child. The online background checks will take time to process. You do not need to complete a background check prior to visiting if you have had one done in HSE within the past 3 years. ALL guests must also complete an online anti-bullying training webinar.

For more information on background checks and the anti-bullying webinar, please visit: