Scarborough Middle School Athletics



Scarborough Middle School Families,

We would like to, first, applaud our middle school student body for their attendance and support for the middle school basketball teams thus far in the season. For our first two home basketball contests we have had a good number of students come out to cheer on their school counterparts, this shows great school pride.

As you may know Scarborough Public Schools has a masking policy in which any individual (regardless of vaccination status) must be masked at all times inside any SPS building. While in attendance at after school events, our student body has been good about following this policy, with the exception of bringing food items into the gym. We have noticed that students who have been without their masks for any particular amount of time have done so because of consuming these food items.

To further allow student spectators at these events and to continue to offer a safe environment, this is something we must remedy. Moving forward, we will not be allowing food or drink inside the middle school gym. Exception to this policy is for student-athletes to drink water as needed during activity by lowering their mask briefly.

In an effort to continue to create a safe environment for after school events with spectators and to continue to allow students to support, show school pride and grow school spirit we ask that you share the above information with your child if they plan on attending an after school event. These guidelines should be closely followed by your child.

We appreciate your help and support as we move forward! As always GO STORM🌩!!

~SPS Athletics & Activities