Aida M. Ibragimova

Teacher's Assistant

Personal Statement: Aida

Personal Statement

I am fluent in 4 different languages: Russian, Turkish, English, and technology. I was born in Russia and spoke Russian for the first 9 years of my life. My parents speak both Russian and Turkish, so I speak Turkish as well. When I lived in Russia I went to a Russian school and came home and talked in Turkish. It was pretty easy to learn two languages at the same time. When I was 9 I came to America . I started learning English on my first day in America. Along with learning English, I started learning how to communicate with my computer. As a matter a fact, I can currently type 60 words in a minute. I am really friendly with technology, so if that is something that scares you, I can help! My skills include being fluent in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Publisher, and ActivInspire. I am really good with finding sources and citing them correctly.

I love taking pictures, and I believe I have a good eye. I started taking pictures when I was 10 years old. My neighbor gave me a camera. It was pretty old but I enjoyed taking pictures. As I started growing up taking pictures became part of my life. As I grew up I wanted a professional camera. Thanks to my mom I now have what I want.

I enjoy working with little kids. When I was in 4th grade they always sent me to a kindergarten class to watch over the kids. I read them books, I helped them color, I helped them with math , and I read a lot of books ( Mystery, Biography).

If you are looking for these kinds of things in an employee, I think I will be the right one.

Work Experience Journal

12/21/12 To prepare for my work experience I have been exploring and researching good models of resumes and effective personal statements. I worked to develop and edit my personal statement. I am learning about digital portfolio creation and management and I have received training in web design and web etiquette. I prepared and recorded my personal statement, and I collaborated with other students and staff to edit my content.

1/25/13 On professional day, I learned how to tie a tie then I wrote a letter to Mrs.J in order for me to get my name tag. I really liked when Mr. Timok was teaching me how to tie a tie it was fun and I actually learned it. Mrs.J wanted us to write a letter to her about what kind of a name tag I wanted.

1/30/13 It was Interview day, I got interviewed by some teachers that wanted to work with me. I was really excited and a little nervous because it was my first time experiencing Education of Employment.

2/6/13 It was my first day working, Mrs. Goematt told me to take a student to the library, We read books with her then came back to class worked on her project then we played games after they finished all of there assignment. I enjoyed working with Mrs. Goematt and her students.

2/8/13 I went to Mrs. Goematt's class I helped one of her student's with her assignment for another class, after we were finished with that she needed help with her writing. We finished with that also then we printed out and gave it to Mrs. Goematt, after we were done with everything we played games.

2/13/13 I started working with Mrs. Richards she asked me organize her book shelf after I was done with that I helped , Mrs. Turlington she asked me to organize some papers for her. I really liked it, I am experiencing a lot about working.

2/15/13 I went to Mrs. Richards, I started cutting some papers for her then, after I was done with that I took the recycling bin out and took the lost and found box to the office. I enjoy working with them.

2/20/13 I was cutting out papers, that I didn't finish from last time, after I was finished with them Mrs. Richards told me to laminate them and then cut them again, which was pretty easy and fun then I started cutting that I was all done with cutting.

2/22/13 We as a class got trained on how to use the printer and other machines us E.F.E workers were aloud to use, I thought using those machines were easy, because I already got trained on the eliminate machine before.

2/27/13 I went to Mrs. Richards she didn't have anything for us to do, so we asked the other teachers around Mrs. Richards they said they didn't have anything for us either we went down to Ms. Hampton because she asked us if we could help her with ActiveInspire for her class. That went pretty well.

3/1/13 We went to Mrs. Richards room we asked her if she had anything for us to do, she didn't we asked Mrs. Turlington and she asked us to straight her desks for her and then she gave me a compliment the word initiative which means "one's personal, responsible decision: to act on one's own initiative" I really appreciated it.

3/6/13 Snow Day.

3/8/13 Mrs. Richards asked me to arrange her calender, after that Lorentee and I went to print some copies then, after that we taped it then helped another teacher with sorting papers, We weren't done because we had to go to class the bell ring. I guess we will finish it the next work day.

3/13/13 I walked around the whole school to get a big poster signed for our librarian Mrs. Hyman, she was leaving on Friday 15th. I just wanted her to have something from everyone, I really loved going around and the most important part when the teachers were writing really thoughtful stuff about Ms. Hyman.

3/15/13 We all went to the library and gave the big poster to Mrs. Hyman and the gift I got her, then we all took pictures had fun with that, but on the other side we were still sad Mrs. Hyman was leaving. After all that we got back to work, Mr. Richards told us to tape some papers up on his wall, after that we organized Mrs. Richards bookshelf then after that we printed a paper for her and then we laminated and taped it on her wall. We were all done after that.

3/20/13 We helped Mrs.Richards and after that we went and started recycling every classroom, we got a big bag with us to put the recycling it was pretty heavy but it was fun especially working with Carnelle and Lj.

3/22/13 I asked Mrs. Richards if I can go help my friend Gillian with delivering papers and I was helping her with that for a while then I went and helped Lj, with laminating stuff and cut them out. Then we headed back to class.

3/27/13 We helped the A hall teachers then the gym teachers needed us we went I went to the girls gym locker room to fold all of the gym close. It was a lot of mess in there I fixed it and was finish with that.

3/29/13 Half Day

4/10/13 Mrs.Turlington told us to put on new tape on poster and I put on tape on them and Lj hung them up in the room and then after that we went around A hall and B hall and pick up the recycling.

4/12/13 Today we help Mrs.Kendig with organizing her papers. Then after that we went to Mr. Timok room to help him organize the Left over wood From his wood Classes.

4/17/13 I helped Mrs.Richards with taping words on her wall then I helped Mr.Richard with laminating and cutting, while my partner Lj helped Ms.White with tutoring.

5/1/13 I helped Mrs.Richard print all these papers out for every English teacher at our school then after finishing that I organized her calender while Lj was helping Mr.Semo and Mrs.Turlingtonwith tutoring.

5/3/13 We had lunch during 7th block because of SOL simulation then I went and helped Mrs.Turlington and Mr.Semo with tutoring then helped Mr.Timok with some of his stuff.

5/8/13 I helped Mrs.Turlington and Mr.Semo with turoting after that I helped the office aid with delivering and then I helped Mrs.Williams with tracks forms and stuff.

5/10/13 Lj went to help with tutoring while I helped Mrs.Richards putting up stickers after that I went and helped Ms.Lennox she wanted me to recycle so I did after that, I helped Mr. Whitehouse with recycling too.

5/15/13 I got moved to office aid and helped deliver computers and pick up attendance for the teachers that have substitute and welcome the people that come to Byrd.

5/17/13 I went to the office and delivered some notes for students then went and got attendance from the gym and other classrooms, then delivered laptops and helped Mrs. Lennox recycle and then helped Mrs.Burbic grade papers.

5/22/13 I went to the office and went to take the attendance then delivered alot of laptops then took Mr.Whitehouse recycling. I really like being an office aid because it can be really busy sometimes and it can be boring.



2004-2010 | Redd Elementary, Ridge Elementary

2010- Present | Harry Flood Byrd Middle School


2010 | Friends of Rachel’s Club

Working with younger students


Photography, typing 60 words a minute, Microsoft applications, ActivInspire, PowerPoint.


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