Homeless People

Pursuit of Happiness

Increasing Homelessness

Homelessness is increasing very fast in the U.S. andi feel like we need to help them out. There are a lot of hungry children that need to be fed. The fundraiser will be enjoyable for everyone.

Fundraiser for the Homeless

Thursday, March 12th, 11am

Cross Lanes, WV, United States

Cross Lanes, WV

Fundraiser for the homeless will take place at Pizza Hut in Cross Lanes. There will be free food and donations will be taken. Please come and visit at 11:00am.

Pizza Hut

We'll be serving pizza, and drinks for homeless people to take a break and be able to rest with a warm meal.

Pizza Hut Fundraiser

we'll be open the next 24 hours giving away food to the homeless people that are suffering in America.