Ronald Weasley

Harry's Best Friend

Ron's Description

  • Tall, skinny and gangling
  • Orange hair with freckles
  • Big hands, and big feet

Ron's Characteristics

  • Funny
  • Emotionally immature
  • Insensitive
  • Wisecracking sense of humor
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In Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone the theme of the story is that you should always have your friends back, because together you can accomplish anything, no matter who stands in your way.

Ron Affects Theme

Ron helps teach this theme in several ways. He always has Harry’s back, and is always encouraging him in very hard situations. He gets stronger by being brave, and doing the right thing.

One example how Ron affected the theme, was in the beginning of the book when Harry lived with Dudley and was not getting treated with respect. One day he was told he was a wizard, but the problem was he didn't know any magic. Ron helps Harry out by teaching him all about what it’s going to be like at Hogwarts school. This affects the theme because it shows how much Ron wants Harry to be a great wizard.

Another example that affected the theme, was when Harry was leaving his dormitory to see his parents in the Mirror of Erised. Ron stuck up to Harry by telling him that they already had a couple close calls and the next one could lead to trouble. This affects the theme of the story because this shows how much Ron cares about Harry, because it is pretty hard to stick up to a friend like that.


Lastly, these examples led me to the biggest reason why Ron teaches the theme. Ron teaches the theme because when he sacrificed himself for Harry so that Harry and Hermione could go on and fight the evil Lord Voldemort. This showed us how much Ron cares for Harry, because Ron knew that it was the right choice for Harry to go on and fight not only for himself but for his parents.