Team THIRTY-wONEderfuls

November Newsletter

Product Spotlight - Products for Rainbow Looms

What products are you using to contain all those little rubber bands? These are great suggestions for Chritmas gifts.

What's in the bags???

Why a party of course!

1. Organizing Utility Tote with Fold n' File holds catalogs, extra order forms, hostess packets, Think About It packets for potential recruits, monthly specials, pens, calculator, etc

2. Wrapped Gift holds a Large Utility Tote from an outlet sale (or another product you may have and willing to give away with bookings). Tell the guests it's for the hostess but they have to help her open it. First person to book takes off the bow. Second person to book gets to unwrap it. The third person to book gets to open the box and present the hostess with her gift.

3. Large Utility Tote includes each product to highlight during the purse game/hostess stacking script etc. This is a sample of each type of collection we have so they aren't overwhelmed.

4. Super Cinch Sac holds all the extra products guests may want to see that you have BUT only opened once the presentation is done and they begin to shop.

October Celebrations

Congratulations to the following Team THIRTY-wONEderful team members who worked their business in October.

Kelly Heckert

Thirty-One - Senior Executive Director