Who Really Did Discover America?

By: Konner Hellenbrand

Who Does

Native Americans

The Native Americans deserve credit for discovering North America because they crossed the Beringia land bridge into North American 10-50 thousand years ago, which was way before Christopher Columbus and the other explorers set sailed. The also proof of the native Americans living here, many native cities and settlements still stand as proof the native Americans were here, while other explorers like Bjarni Herjulfsson never even got off his boat.

Who doesn't

Bjarni Herjulfsson

Herjulfsson does not deserve credit because when he sailed to North America he was the natives had already been living there for thousands of years. Also Bjarni never even stepped foot off his boat or even attempted to colonize while facts show the Native Americans did in fact live there for a long time.

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Christopher Columbus

Columbus does not deserve credit for discovering North America because many others including the Native Americans had tried to colonized North America but only the natives had succeeded. While Columbus was the first to start the long term colonization of North America he was not the first discoverer.

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Leif Ericsson

Ericsson being one of the first to attempt to colonize North America was still arrived thousands of years after the Native Americans. Leif's colony was short-lived, it only lasted about 100 years, while the natives continued to thrive after the Vikings were gone. The biggest reason Leif should not get credit for discovering North America is because everything that got him to the new world was because of Bjarni Herjulfsson; Leif got his routes, notes, crew, and ship all from Herjulfsson.

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