What Learning Style Do You Have?

Derek Smith


If you have a verbal or linguistic learning style you like to read books and listen to or give oral presentations. You also learn best from listening or talking.


Logical and mathematical people like to work with numbers and conduct experiments. They learn best from classifying and working with patterns or relationships.


People who learn best bodily or kinesthetically like to move around, touch, and are good at sports. They learn best by touching and interacting with other things or objects.


People who's learning styles are visual or spatial like to draw, build, design, and create things. They learn best by visualizing, dreaming, and using colors to help them understand things better.


People who are musical or rhythmic turn sound into patterns and tones. They like to sing, hum tones, and listen to music. They learn best through rhythm, melody, and music.


People who are interpersonal has lots of friends, likes to talk, and join groups. They learn best by sharing with others and working in groups.


People who are interpersonal like to work alone, are reflective, and original. They learn best by working alone or doing individual projects by themselves.


Naturalistic people like to work outside and enjoy nature and geography. They learn best by studying natures patterns such as erosions and climates.