10 Technology Rules For Parents.

By: Armandeep Minhas 8C


10.When you're done using the computer, DON'T shut it off.It takes too long to open it up again.

9.Don't try to send me a friend request on Facebook.Not only is it weird to have my mom/dad on my friends list,but also I get my freedom with them stalking me.

8.Don't set or change a password of mine.This way, I won't be able to access my important things.

7.Don't install anything.You can't always trust parents wanting to download an educational game when it's really just a virus.

6.Don't text while driving.Many parents make this mistake.Statistics show if you're texting while driving, you're 23X likely to crash.

5.When talking to someone else online, don't use our language such as JK,LOL,ROFL,etc.It's weird for parents to use that kind of language.

4.Learn to type.I am tired of my mom asking me where the space-bar is. Like I said, it's annoying.Try some typing games in the link below to help you type.

3.Don't make some account on some educational website and make ME play the educational games. Not only is it annoying but also boring.You did buy me the Xbox 360.

2.Don't give out personal information. We kids are educated enough.You parents are our weakest link.

1.Don't access my Facebook/Twitter account. My freedom. Not yours. This is our chance to escape reality for us kids, so let us enjoy it.

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