Revelation of Obscurity

Katelynn Reid


For this presentation, I will be connecting all three Units from 1st semester, such as College Essays, 1984 and Satire. To all honesty, these units were quite hard to master and try to accomplish in such little time.

Unit One College Essay

My College Essays described my disability. It is Auditory Processing, which makes me have a hard time understanding what I'm hearing when in a small and cramped classroom with too much noise. I have described this disability to others but they do not want to hear it because it is not their problem and they change the subject. This annoys me deeply because it's basically something that I have to deal with everyday.

Unit Two 1984

In the book of 1984, Winston Smith is always questioning and voicing his opinion about how he feels about The Party. He is always voicing his opinion to Julia but she is obviously not interested in what Winston thinks or how he feels. This leads Winston to be even more curious about The Party. This relates to my College Essays in that when I am voicing my opinion about something, the person who I am telling just blocks it out and tells of their opinion. This was what was going on in Winston's world, when he was voicing his opinion, it was either ignored or blocked out.

Unit Three Satire

In the book, "The Importance of Being Earnest", it explains about a man with two identities: known as "Jack" or "Ernest". When he proposes to Gwendolen, he told her that his name wasn't "Ernest" but was actually "Jack". This lead to her saying that "Jack" wasn't a perfect name. This play has a lot of satire, thinking the situation wouldn't get worse until it does when someone finds out about your secrets. When Jack was lying about his brother Ernest" that had died. He then gets the credit of there being no Ernest and has the chance in marrying Gwendolen. This play in some way relates to 1984 and my College Essays, because "Jack" is trying to tell the truth of what his actually identity is to others, but they think of it in a completely different way and base everything on their "opinion" of what they think of the situation.

What my role is as a Global Citizen?

My role as a Global Citizen was reflected in the readings, college essay and in satire. The theme was the revelation of obscurity. A global citizen: "Able to recognize and value differences between people's culture and opinion", connects to the idea of people looking past themselves and being sensitive to people's differences and accepting them. In my college essay I explained that auditory processing is a challenge for me and people's response to the discussion of it is not often a good feeling. People's opinions tend to lead the discussion, so it leads to my feeling of "obscurity". In the story of 1984, global citizenship is not evident because differences in people are not acceptable. The government decides what differences are o.k. or not. The citizens in that community have the feeling of obscurity as well, or no "feeling" at all. Being "isolated" was evident in Winston but most of the characters felt "nothing". I know that the world is filled with satire in that control and people’s perspective as well as their opinions of the world around them happens, With satire, people try to make a serious situation funny, In the story "The Importance of Being Earnest", the character "Jack" demonstrated this theme in that he pretended to be someone else until he discovered that his real name was the one he had "adopted" for himself! The struggle for him throughout the story is the acceptance of who he really is. "Acceptance" is a theme that connects to global citizenship and in the end he does accept himself and moves from "obscurity" to reality.