GTS 4 : Funding Your Education

Knocking Down the Cost of Your Education

Uncovering Funds to Go to School

So you made the big decision to continue your education after high school , GREAT!! You realize that going to school comes with a price tag , *sighs* !! Don't panic ! Let's look at the options available to you so that we can knock down or knock out the cost of your continued education. As a S.W.A.G, you realize that it is important to begin to search now so that YOU will be able to position yourself to receive these opportunities. Technical schools, colleges and universities all have options for financial aid. We will look at the following sources of funding :
  • Grants
  • Scholarships (including TOPS)
  • Waivers

Head to gts.heather-n-smith for more information.

Grind Time Saturday : Session 4 - Embracing and Funding Your Education

Saturday, Aug. 2nd 2014 at 1pm

726 N Latour St

Ville Platte, LA

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