Digital Citizenship

4/Lentz Tatanka Lyons

Online Safety

Online Safety the reasons that online safety matters is because even if you get a friend request you dont know if it is a creeper or someone trying to stalk your profile. Another reason why online safety is important is because if an ad pops that asks if you want to buy anything or get your free credit score you dont know if its a scam trying to take your money or if they are trying just to straight up mess with you. Another important reason for online safety is that just make sure you know what your doing and know how your doing it and when i mean that is because in case you send something to someone it might surface to the real world or to the social network so basically know who your friends are.

Information Literacy and Scams

What i would like to everyone know about Information Literacy and Scams is that information is very important for a website because it tells and shows us what the website is about or whats happening. Literacy is also important because its shows everyone if the creator of the website knows what to spell and what information he/she needs for there website and you can also tell if a website has bad literacy by the way and words start with a capitol letter even when the word/words dont start the sentence. Scams is the most important thing you need to look out for because they can just pop up out of nowhere or even can just be an ad on the side of your computer screen or or phone screen. When showed up as an ad they can even be the ad on your youtube video your watching. Scams are ads or pop ups that try to offer you something or sell you something but in the end either takes your money or either steal from you.
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Responsible use

What Responsible use means be responsible of what you do and use online like say what your about to download either a song,a picture,a video anything
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