The 4 P's Of Marketing

Owen Weaver


When it comes to the product of a business, it is a very important key factor. The product includes variety, quality, design, package, and lastly brand. The product portion of marketing guarantee's good sales and especially good advertisement which can make a business thrive big time.


The second P in marketing is price. Price is another key aspect in marketing and business. Price includes the retail, discount, bonuses, payment plans, and credit terms. These contents of price help keep track of money and sales prices. Without the correct amount of sales or prices on products, a business would be deep in a hole and in need of help. The price factor is very, very important.


The third P of marketing is promotion. Without promotions in a business, businesses would not be the same because people with good positions would not be able to go any higher. Promotion includes advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, sponsorship, and sales calls. People work hard for money and to move to higher positions. Promotion helps support that with all of their factors.


The last but not least, the 4th P of marketing is Place. When marketing in a business the place you are located at makes a huge impact on sales and EVERYTHING. Place includes distribution, delivery, retail locations, download, and logistics. All of these factors consider the importance of place in the 4 P's of marketing.