Chris Van Allsburg

3rd graders should read books by Chris Van Allsburg.

One reason is his books are sometimes mysterious.

One reason they are mysterious is because in one of his books, Jumanji, the illustrations are black and gray colored. They make me feel scared.

Another reason is his writing makes you think.

For example, in The Wretched Stone he makes you think hard because he does not tell you what the stone is.

Last but not least, 3rd graders should read Chris Van Allsburg's books because they are interesting.

One of his books, Zathura, is very interesting because it is a part two of his other book Jumanji. Jumanji is a story about a boy and a girl who play the game Jumanji. Zathura is when two boys take the game Jumanji and play the game Zathura.

As you can see, Chris Van Allsburg is a good author.