History Of Great Wall of China

by: Annabella Rahman

Great Wall of China

THe Great Wall of China is an interesting wonder.It was made in China from Gansu prov to Liaoning, with stone, brick, tamped Earth, wood, clay, and sand and the height of feet. This wonder was built in the seventh century in 1368.It was reconstructed during the Ming dynasty.Half of the wall that was origanily made is half gone.The Ming repaired old sections,This structure protected China from minor attacks from northern nomad, and provided little defences.

Interesting Facts

I chose this because it has interesting facts.I wanted to know more about its history.Here are some interesting facts.It's the longest structure ever built.Main portion is 5,500 miles.13,170 miles length wise.It was made with a lot of diffrent things.It was handmade.