3rd Grade Week 12

Miss Ingrao

What We Learned This Week!

  • Math:
    • Completed Math Expressions 2.10-2.12
    • 2.10 - Order of Operations (PEMDAS) and learned how to solve word problems
    • 2.11 - Making sense of two step word problems
    • 2.12 - Multiply with multiples of 10

  • Writing:
    • Students responded to 5 journal prompts in their writing notebook. Students completed and shared their Saint report and continued their second informational report.

  • Vocabulary:
    • Students started Unit 6 in their Vocabulary books. They learned the definition of the words: constant, noble, quiver, content, drought, distract, foul, slight, policy, collide, tidy, and blossom. Students completed synonym, antonym and completing the sentence activities.

  • Social Studies:
    • Students continued Unit 3: Geography and the Way We Live. Students learned about California's four different regions: Desert, Mountain (Sierra Nevada), Coastal and Valley (Great Valley).

  • Religion:
    • We started: Chapter 4: The Church Begins
    • We read Good News: Jesus Teaches Us to Be Humble

  • Reading:
    • Students have been reading their own books in class, on Epic, and on Raz Kids. We continued our next book: The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverly Cleary
    • Students read the Scholastic: A Helping Paw For Our Heroes

  • Science:
    • We continued our 2nd unit, Unit 2: Inheritance and Traits
    • Students learned about organisms: differences vs similarities
    • Students studied four organisms traits and variations

  • Spelling:
    • Students completed their 11th week of spelling words which included words with the /j/ sounds.
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    Thanksgiving Basket List (Due November 10th)

    Every year, our administration finds families who could use help with the expense of hosting a Thanksgiving meal. SMA students take on the responsibility of bringing a small piece of the meal. By working together, each classroom provides a basket of non-perishables. The PTO contributes a Vons gift card to each basket that allows families to buy a turkey, produce, and other items to fill their Thanksgiving table. Each basket will feed 10-12 people.

    It is important that we not deviate from the listed items, as we work hard to give equal baskets to all. Options are listed below so items can be divided among both larger and smaller classes. Please collect class items in a box or other container. All baskets will be collected, packaged, and wrapped by room parents for delivery.

    Please find your child's name. This will be your item you need to provide for the Thanksgiving basket by November 10th. Thank you!

    1. Mixed Nuts: 1 jar or packet (Lulu)

    2. Boxed Stuffing: 1 x 12-oz box or 2 x 6-oz boxes (Mac)

    3. Chicken Broth: 1 quart box (Charlie)

    4. Boxed Mashed Potatoes: 1 box, 14-15 oz max (Everett)

    5. Yams/Sweet Potatoes: 1 40-oz can (Sara)

    6. Marshmallows: 1 10-oz bag of mini or regular size (Beric)

    7. Corn Muffin Mix: 1 package, to make 1-2 dozen muffins (Gemma)

    8. Corn: 2 x 14-oz cans (Raina)

    9. Green Beans: 2 x 14-oz cans (Seth)

    10. Cream of Mushroom Soup: 1 x 11-oz can (Delilah)

    11. Fried Onions: 1 small can or packet (Leo)

    12. Gravy: 1 jar or can, approximately 12-oz (Mateo)

    13. Cranberry sauce: 1 x 14-oz can (Cara)

    14. Pie Crust: 1 x 9-in graham cracker or regular pie crust (not frozen) (Gala)

    15. Pumpkin Pie Filling: 1 x 30-oz can (Alexis)

    16. Evaporated Milk: 1 x 12-oz can (Hattie)

    17. Hot Chocolate: 1 box of hot chocolate packets (Alex)

    18. Tablecloth: 1 disposable tablecloth, to fit a large rectangular table (Joaquin)

    19. Napkins: 50 max (Teddy)

    20. Cold Drink Cups: 1 package, 12-24 max (Roxy)

    21. Hot Drink Cups: 1 package, 12-24 max (Michael)

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    Spelling Words Week 12 (words with the ou/ow sound)

    1. shout
    2. around
    3. owl
    4. growl
    5. fountain
    6. crown
    7. pound
    8. however
    9. ground
    10. cloud
    11. found
    12. mouth
    13. outside
    14. clown
    15. scout

    Challenge words:

    • surround
    • downloading

    Students will be introduced to these words on Monday, November 7th and tested on Thursday, November 10th. (Friday, November 11th is a school holiday)

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    More Pencils Needed

    The 3rd grade classroom is in need of more pencils if you have any to donate, that would be wonderful! Thank you <3